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Welcome to Skyros

Skyros is located at the heart of the Aegean sea. It is the southernmost island of the Sporades and it is located east of Evia.  The island is characterized by strong contrasts- you can find hills with pine trees, rocky mountain landscapes, idyllic remote seashores, beautiful bays, extended beaches, littoral caves and the Natura region in the south, all of which form a natural and full of varity relief.

Having a centuries-old history, Skyros has always been a place that has safeguarded its traditions and authenticity.  Visitors can admire the local architecture, the elaborate wood carvings, the embroidery and the Byzantine ceramic. Among the sun-bleached hoyses of the Hora(town) you will discover small museums and will be impressed by their unique decoration.  You will also enjoy walking around the quaint alleys smelling of jasmine and basil.

The town of Skyros coexist in harmony with tradition and modern nightlife.  Souvenir shops, tavernas, coffee shops are there to please any visitor. 

Nature lovers will discover unique plant species, animals and birds, such as the black tulip, the wild orchid and a rare species of falcon. Skyros is also home to one of the rarest and oldest horse breeds, which can only be found on the island.

Agricultural products are of prime quality as they are mostly produced by traditional procedures.  Cheese, wild goat meat, honey, herbs, fish are of the highest quality.

Visitors come across a great number of churches and chapels, inspiring Byzantine monasteries dispersedall over Skyros.  The monastery of Agios Georgios, the saint protector of the island stands proud perched on a hill.

The panoramic castle view of the Aegian fascinates the visitors along with the Eternal Poetry square, where stands the statue of the English poet Rupert Brook.

If you are curious about history and folklore, you should not miss the Manos and Anastasia Faltaits folk museum, the Arhondopanagia  church, the folklore collection of the Skyrian house and sculptor’s G.Lambrou  exhibition.  You can also enjoy the prehistoric fortified city at Palamari,  the ancient quarry at Puria and Faros situated in the southern part of the island.

Skyros’ stunning beaches are among the prettiest in Greece, with crystal-clear waters, beautiful landscapes with golden sandy beaches, pearl coloured pibbles and sea caves.

The combination of mountain and sea, makes of Skyros an ideal destination for practising various sports such as hiking and trekking -8 marked trails, beautiful paths, climbing, birb watching, cycling and mountain biking .  In 2015, Skyros had been chosen as a host location for the annual competition on the UCI world cycling tour.  Others are sailing, water ski, widsurfing, scuba diving,4x4 or by motorbike off road routes.

You could also try dancing traditional danses, visiting an organic farm, cooking old recipes or relax under the soothing nature’s sounds or yoga lessons.

Every season , Skyros will delight you with its various facets -the famous carnival, the revival of old traditions, the numerous Panigyria or the Skyrian wedding.

Transportation to reach the island is easy and affordable.  The ferry boat Achilleas departs from Kymi, a small port on the eastern side of Evia island.  The itineraries are frequent and the trip is short, about an hour and a half.  There is also, a ferry connection between Skyros and N. Sporades.  The  port is considered to be one of the best equipped ports in the country.  Its amenities and hospitality compete and surpass those of the best privateports internationally.

The island’s national airport , one of the biggest in Greece, receives domestic flights from Athens and Thessaloniki(Aegean Olympic air, Sky Express).During high season ,the island is also served with charter flights from Paris and Vienna, once per week.  The flight time from Athens to Skyros is estimated at around 40 minutes.

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