Welcome to Skyros, the Anemoessa (Windswept island) of the Aegean.

Skyros is located at the heart of the Aegean sea. It is the southernmost island of the Sporades and it is located east of Evia.  The island is characterized by strong contrasts- you can find hills with pine trees, rocky mountain landscapes, idyllic remote seashores, beautiful bays, extended beaches, littoral caves and the Natura region in the south, all of which form a natural and full of varity relief.

Having a centuries-old history, Skyros has always been a place that has safeguarded its traditions and authenticity.  Visitors can admire the local architecture, the elaborate wood carvings, the embroidery and the Byzantine ceramic. Among the sun-bleached hoyses of the Hora(town) you will discover small museums and will be impressed by their unique decoration.  You will also enjoy walking around the quaint alleys smelling of jasmine and basil.



At the service of the citizen

Being always at the service of the citizen.  The mayor, Nikolaos Mavrikos, the Town council and the staff of Skyros municipality are always willing to serve the citizens.


Traveling to Skyros

How to get to Skyros

  • By plane from Athens with Aegean Airlines,3 times per week with very affordable tickets.www
  • By plane from Thessaloniki with Sky Express.Reservations:tel.2810.223500
  • By ferry from Kymi(coming from Athens through Halkida 178 Km, and through Oropos-Eretria(by boat).

About the citizen

Twin cities


Coastal Map

Λέμε ΟΧΙ στην ένταξη της επιχειρούμενης εγκατάστασης ανεμογεννητριών στην Νότια Σκύρο, στο Όρος Κόχυλα, στο καθεστώς Στρατηγικών Επενδύσεων. Συμμετέχουμε όλοι στη διαβούλευση του Επενδυτικού Σχεδίου που ανακοίνωσε η ENTERPRICE GREECE, ο εθνικός φορέας προετοιμασίας των στρατηγικών επενδύσεων. ΟΧΙ στην καταστροφή του τόπου μας