Monday, 16 September 2019

Wood Carving

Important branch of folk art is the wood carving. The Skyrian wood carving is an important handicraft industry in Skyros. The wealth on projects and forms, the aesthetic and the special way of manufacturing technique make Skyrian woodcut possess artistic autonomy among the Greek wood carvings.

Their creation was initiated by love and affection of amateurs and evolved into producing professionals for many years, ornamenting houses and mansions, both within and outside of Skyros. Historically, the woodcuts of Skyros that are preserved until today is mainly from the 19th century onwards. The Skyrian wood carvings are divided into four categories: a. architectural structures-permanent b. furniture – mobile manufactures c. microwoodcarving-pastoral d. ecclesiastical woodcarving Woods used are maple, wild olive, mulberry, walnut and mahogany.

The special feature of skyrian woodwork The designation "Skyrian bandy chair ", which refers to a very small chair, almost tiny in relation to the known furniture, is the first feature that introduced the Skyrian furniture everywhere. The aesthetic value of Skyrian woodwork is in their form, in their perfect construction, in sweet and smooth carving and decorative projects, thus creating the richest collection of folk projects not seen in any other part of Greece.

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