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Skyrian Carnival

The customs of Skyros have been preserved over the centuries and testify to the long tradition of the island.

Throughout the year cultural events and festivals take place, culminating in the Skyrian Carnival. In the celebrations of the Triodion, visitors can witness the custom of the "Old Man" and "Corela". The central figure is the "Old Man", who is dressed in a hairy black cape and wears a mask made of goat leather. In the waist he wears a belt with bells. Old Man is accompanyed by Corela" (who is a young man dressed in traditional female costume) and "Frank" who wears a mask and a large bell in the waist.

Groups of disguised men and women go around the country, dancing and singing. The whole atmosphere refers to a Dionysian atmosphere and it is further enhanced in the second part of Skyros Carnival. This second part is the custom of "Trawl”, which is the recitation of satiric verses.

The traditional customs of Skyros have been preserved through the centuries and, in spite of our modern times, they revive the warmth of our childhood full with memories and nostalgia.

If you find yourself in Skyros during a wedding or a baptism, you will find out that a personal invitation is not implemented with the conventional printed invitation. The families of the bride and groom, or the child's parents, pass by each house of the village and offer pancakes with honey on a plate wrapped in a clean cloth.

The custom wants the invited to return the unwashed plate. Since early in the morning the women prepare the pancakes to be offered. The treat of joy is again pancakes with honey instead of sugared almonds.

These and many others are the customs of Skyros and they are revived in many ways on a daily basis.

A similar atmosphere prevails in festivals that are held throughout the year, in one of the 365 churches of the island.



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